Thursday, December 2, 2010

Day Veinticinco

What you would find in my bag:

Several Pens
Sticky Notes
Weight Watchers Book and coupons
Gum wrappers
Bobby Pins
Sanitary Items
Ibuprofen (or as Esther calls it "Vitamin I")
Loose Coins

My purse is pretty boring and normal. I wish I could say my secret spy identity card, which I will not reveal on this blog because then it would give away my cover. Perhaps even diamond earrings, my spare just in case. Or like in Mary Poppins or Harry Potter you might just find the entire contents of my bedroom or house.

1 comment:

Josh and Laura said...

That's so funny what you said about Bryn. Because just this morning Bryn was telling me how you and Noah are on her top 5 list of who she'd like to meet! :) Love ya Becky!