Sunday, August 23, 2009

An Adventurous Birthday

This story will be told backwards because well, that's how the pictures uploaded. This is the end result of Noah's birthday. The day began well enough with a delicious stew bubbling in the kitchen. Which of course Noah added water to and made a little watery, but still delicious. Then I made a cake. This is how the cake got eaten...In a bowl with frosting smeared all over it...

The biscuits turned out delicious until I dropped them in the front lawn...
And it would have been a beautiful dinner outside if the bees hadn't begun to attack...
And we had to return to the partially smokey kitchen.
What might have been a beautiful, perfect, delicious birthday turned into a smokey and clumsy evening. I had such dreams...

Of being the perfect wife with a perfect, beautifully frosted birthday cake. But instead...

And so Noah's first birthday as a married man was a bit dramatic, but luckily he didn't seem to mind.

Friday, August 14, 2009

All I Want For Christmas is Florida

So I'm at work and doing nothing--that's right--nothing. I've now won at least two games of Spider Solitaire and Free Cell a piece and talked to my mother and grandma.

Anyway, so while I'm here I've decided to brainstorm ways to get to Florida. The aforementioned grandma has offered to help and there's a bit of moolah saved up for various purposes and reasons. Like for example, somehow Noah's paycheck just automatically gets deposited on savings. So why not leave it there?

Here are a few of my other ideas:

1. Rob a bank. For some reason I don't see that going very well even with some fabulous disguise.

2. Eat strictly Ramen foe the next 4 months. Malnourishment sets in around the second month, but we'd eat after the trip and we'd look great in our swimsuits.

3. Rent out the studio. It'll help pay for rent, but there wouldn't be much room.

4. Get married again (to Noah of course.)

5. Start a lemonade stand. We could sell glass AND lemonade at the Farmer's Market. Delicious Crystal Light for $.25 anyone?

6. Walk or ride my bike everywhere. It'd be tough getting to Idaho this weekend. However, in the Fall getting to work is another story. It's pretty, free, and extra activity points for me!

7. Get an expensive life insurance policy for Noah. Then when he has an "accident" I can stop working and move to Florida! I'm kidding. I like my husband's company too much to do that. Plus he's cute and does my dishes for me.

That's all I've got for now. Any ideas?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Coleman Goals

1. Go to Florida for Christmas.
2. Buy an iMac.
3. Buy a truck.
4. Buy a house in Provo??? There's 2 for sale.
5. Lose weight.
6. Overthrow the Man and establish the New World Order.

To be accomplished not necessarily in that order.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


So, Becky gave me power to write on her blog. Foolish girl!!! BWA HA HA HAAA!!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Down on the Farm

Noah and I took a trip up to Idaho for Ruth's graduation and while we were up there we took a little day trip to Ashton to visit! It was so relaxing we wished we could have stayed longer.

Leah as usual was a riot and kept eating half a plum then going for another one.

Noah and I tried out the mower. I had some issues with steering, but Noah went right ahead and finished the front lawn. :)

We also got to drive a tractor for the first time. Noah was in charge of the throttle and I steered while Zach guided us.

Yeah, I know I make an excellent farmer/tractor driver.

In other news the farmer's market is going well. We already have a few loyal customers who love to visit us and we're learning new business strategies all the time. Anyone and everyone is welcome to visit every Saturday from 9-2 p.m. except this Saturday we'll be up in Washington for a wedding! See you soon!