Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've recently decided that being mediocre is not any fun. Therefore, I denounce it!

With all this surgery business buzzing around in my head and how to pay for this I realized, I need a better job. So, I started applying EVERYWHERE! That's about when I realized, I work in a middle school. Why don't I become a teacher? The lights began flashing and I've decided that I'm actually going at this with full force. The prophet said it's ok to go in to debt for an education and while I've already done that I've not been able to do anything substantial with it.

The conclusion is, I'm going to become a Special Education Teacher and I'm excited about it.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Time for Good-bye

Good-bye gallbladder. April 1st we part until the resurrection. Good riddance I hope you rot until then for all the pain and anguish you have caused me.

That's right folks, it's really coming out. I'm counting my blessings that I've been able to prepare for this whole thing and that it wasn't emergency surgery. A special thanks goes to the officer who didn't ticket us, the rest of my organs for functioning at their best despite their comrade who has decided to revolt, a thanks to my family who has given me fantastic "birthday gifts" to go towards surgery, and to Megan for buying me a fantastic new dress from Urban Wear(people commented all day about how great I looked all thanks to YOU).

Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing a Little Ket-chup

Yesterday was my birthday and yesterday Noah threw me a fantastic little surprise party in our apartment. He says it's impossible to surprise me, but he did a fantastic job thanks to a little help from everyone else!

On an entirely different note he claims that that evening I stole all the covers and he spent the entire night grumpy at me and not getting any sleep. So this morning he made me breakfast in bed to repent of his grumpiness. I should steal the covers more often.

Esther announced her engagement. SWEET! Now I can't stop looking at wedding stuff in order to be helpful. I think I need a second wedding of my own just so I can plan it.

I started making a dress. Following a pattern is much tricker than I would have imagined. Sheesh. I never would have been able to cut it out without the help of Lizzy. Pictures to be expected!

And now a list of things I wish to do this summer:

1. Rearrange my living room. This has been contemplated for months, but Noah insists it's impossible. He also said that about the bedroom and it of course looks fantastic now that we've actually moved it all.
2. Go camping, A LOT!!!!
3. Find a decent job. Just like everyone else. Except Noah.
4. SEW SEW SEW that includes the garden variety as well. I'm Head Gardner this summer.
5. Hike in Zion's and Moab.
6. Visit Chicago on the Amtrak. Noah and I think it would be fun.
7. Build a massive fort.
8. Sleep outside under the stars.
9. Deep clean my apartment. You probably think this is lame, but I think to myself, "DIE SPIDERS AND HUGE BEETLES DIE!"
10. Get down to my goal weight, FINALLY! Or at least my wedding weight.
11. Party at my house!!!

I feel that is sufficient for now. If you have suggestions please feel free to comment. :P

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Questions and Answers

So to answer a few questions:

1) For my clothes ideas I have been looking at a lot of websites and a few blogs. Mostly I just Googled stuff and threw in my own ideas. I can't remember any of the blogs now.

2) There has been a request for jewelry pictures and thus, the following:

These are really popular, they hang mid-chest and sell for $40. Each one is different and unique.

This is the necklace Noah made for me for Christmas before we were married. This one is also on display at Window Box Gallery and orders like this one can be placed in any color. This necklace sells for between $200-300.(This necklace can be broken into 3 separate pieces: 2 shorter necklaces and 1 bracelet in addition to wearing it as one single strand.)

This one has been on display at the Covey Arts Center in Provo and will be in the Window Box Gallery on Center Street.

We recently sold one of these for $60. Turquoise and sterling silver.

Yay for homemade jewelry and glass beads!

Spring Fever

Oh Spring, how you make me dream of long flowing dresses, beaches, and endless home projects.

How I wish I could shop here.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Can I see your license and registration, please?

As you might have guessed from the title, I feel the need to recount to you our little run-in with the police yesterday.

Noah and I were discussing how angry I am that I have to register my car every year in Utah for $150 dollars, plus, I have to do safety and emissions every single year. Noah realizes we haven't registered the scooter in awhile and we decided to check when we went to go pick it up later that day.

I arrive home first, the house is dark, and because Noah's muffler has fallen off I hear him coming up the road. Next thing I know, there are blue and red flashing lights outside my house. My heart takes a dive into my stomach for a little swim.

I walk outside and thus begins the hysterics. Remember, I still have to register my car. I'm praying like crazy and crying and Noah is looking a little forlorn. The officer asks us when we'll get it registered and seems satisfied with tomorrow. Then tells us, "I know it's hard for everyone right now. Make sure you get that stuff taken care of." He then proceeds to walk away.

I babble out a thank you and we go inside. Needless to say, today I am thankful. Thankful that Heavenly Father is mindful of our needs, even when it's not getting a very hefty ticket and a misdemeanor! Noah claims it's me and my hysterics, but I think the officer might have heard a little whisper of the Spirit.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I know, I'm one of them.

I know that you think I'm just another housewife with just another blog about all the crafty things she does because she has nothing better to do. WRONG! I juggle two jobs, exercise classes, and I cram this stuff in. Thus, I sleep little. I'm just trying to convince you all that my blog is worth reading. So, I'm going to ask you: What do these two shirts have in common?

This fancy little number.

Goodbye long sleeve, hello three-quarter length with a little splash of really cool flowers.

And to ice this cake, these little birds were a pain in the neck, but they look so cool!

How much did it cost me? Blood, sweat, and tears.