Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh Pie, Berry Berry Delicious Pie

This is the pie. I took this "just in case" the pie didn't turn out. We used the cheap shortening to make this and it was SO gooey that I had difficulty rolling out the pie crust.

This sucker filled our home with delicious aromas while it baked.

This is what was leftover after I woke up from my nap.

P.S. So Noah and I watched "Taken"(see previous post) and at the very end as the story is wrapping up we see a gigantic furry spider scurry across our living room carpet. I was very upset that Noah only "took a couple of its legs off." I was so upset that Noah shook out the sheets before we got into bed that night. This morning I found 1 dead, very large spider in our kitchen, 1 large very much alive spider by our toilet, and a total of 3 earwigs in the shower. Ew.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Things I love

Noah's Aunt Sara donated her old T.V. to our "cause." Now we're watching "Taken" tonight with a little help from Red Box.

I love that Noah is so handy and can hang things for me. This is the plate I used to eat off when I was a little girl. It now hangs in my bathroom. :)

He hung this too. Right over the couch.

I love pie, but I'm not sure this one will turn out...if it does perhaps you'll see pictures.

Oh fruit, (technically a tomato is a fruit :) ). Thank you Costco.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Because Laura Told Me To :)

There's a whole heck of a lot of photos to follow. These are all right after we got out of the temple and are in chronological order...backwards. :)

It may be obvious, but he's a biter.

My roommates came! Yay!

She is responsible for starting this relationship. She invited us to dinner and it's history from there.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Brief Recap

Our journey begins when Noah and I GET MARRIED! (Finally)

Noah and I took a road trip from MD to Chicago. Here is Noah trying to fly handmade kites in the air vent.
Geneva Squeezeway.
I cut my hair. Thank heavens.
We bought a new kitchen table. No more boxes! Thank you Ikea!
Noah has begun trying to help me exercise more. So we parked right here at Wal-Mart.
The Echo has turned into a battleground for the army men. Please notice Chancho, our mascot, and miniature pig..
We started selling stuff at the Farmer's Market.
We went to go visit Noah's mom in Castle Dale, Utah and saw REAL pictographs done by Native Americans.
No, that's not wind my friends making her hair stand on end. That's static electricity. We got in the car immediately after this picture.

1 month of marriage survived.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things I Did at Work Today

10 partial games of Free Cell

3 games Minesweeper

1 download of Tetris for my iPod

1 "To-Do" list

2 e-mails sent

6 letters mailed

10 phone calls answered

30 minutes of Facebook stalking

30 minutes catching up on blogs