Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've decided that I'm going to need to be more specific next time I pray.  The Lord answered my prayer; the scooter starts in every condition, cold or warm.  One small problem--he doesn't go above 5 mph.  Imagine my friends me traveling up 700 East at that whopping speed.  I got gas and laughed all the way home where I hit a top speed of 10mph.  Then I laid down in my driveway, called Noah, and cried.  

Cried because I'd have to go to work on my bike again the next day, because I'm a slacker, because I spent $75 to fix the problem that never got fixed, because I make $9 an hour at a job that I kind of like, but kind of hate, where they are talking about not letting me go full-time.  If they don't, I don't really know how I'm going to live.  I mostly cried because I felt powerless to fix it, and Noah sat and listened and then made me laugh.  

So today I'm not crying and I'm still hoping that one day Frederick will run again and I can sell him (which really might make me cry) and get a car.  I'm just happy it didn't snow and I can still see the leaves and I can still bike to work.  Happy I can still pay the rent and my tithing.  Such is life, it's really not so bad. :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

I suppose it's time for an update on the life of Becky Freaking Whipple.  This weekend Noah and I went to Laura's opening reception which had excellent food, people, and extremely excellent artwork.  We had a good time at the other show as well where I pulled a flyer off of the wall to participate in.  Interactive exhibits are my favorite and mine is number 64:

Put on a puppet show for your friends about a story from your childhood.

I have a whole bunch of tube socks I'm really excited to cut apart.  What story I'm going to tell, I'm not sure yet.

Work at the office is good.  I interviewed for another full-time job, but it pays partly as commission and I've decided I make more at my job right now.  Rumor is the other secretary might have another job and that means I could go full time baby!

Some other exciting news...I'm going to Chicago for Christmas to meet Noah's family.  I'm pretty excited, I've never been to Chicago for an extended period of time.  Plus, I won't have to go a whole two weeks without seeing him.  I know, you think I'm pathetic, but well what can you do?

Also, I'm thinking about starting up a wedding invitation business via the Wilk Board.  Noah and I were brainstorming ideas, but I'm open to anything anyone has to say about what I should name the invite business.  I thought Inventive Invites...let me know what you think.  Well that's all for now.  Hope life is good in your neighborhood.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Disaster of a Natural Disaster

So I was thinking the other day of all the places I'd never want to be if there were a natural disaster:

-the bathroom
-naked anywhere
-on top of a very tall building(unless there was lava, then, I don't know)
-Wal-Mart(You might think this is a good place to be with food and such, no, the mass panic that would ensue will turn Wal-Mart into a boiling bed of destruction)

Places I'd actually like to be:

-On my scooter(just because if I were to die I'd like to go while I was riding around on it)
-Outerspace(this is would be a very opportune time to be an astronaut)
-Watching General Conference or Attending the temple