Monday, June 28, 2010

The Contest

Noah and I have started a new little something. I told him I bet I could lose 15 lbs. faster than he can (and I will). So the first Utah Coleman to lose 15 lbs. by the end of September gets a new iPod. The loser gets my cracked old one that still works, but it's cracked and old.

I'm going to win.

The News

My knee is healing nicely after the infection. Yesterday, I was almost driven mad by itching. However, today while cleaning the fridge I stepped on something and not knowing what it was I scraped it along my ankle to get it off my foot. Unfortunately, it was a piece of glass and now it looks like my husband beats me or I was in an accident because my knee is still bandaged.

On a better note, I was kind of having a rough day and Noah made homemade mac n' cheese (my favorite.) While eating dinner he gets this mischievous look on his face and turns his plate around to reveal the following:

And on an even better note, I sat in my classroom the other day. That was a good day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Bikes and Becky

One might think by this time I would have taken bikes out of my routine forever with the luck I have. The thing is, I like bike riding and in order to become more skilled I need practice. So, I've decided to invest in some knee pads. My mom suggested a whole body pad.

That was the fresh wound. Unfortunately, now it's more of a greenish color. Noah forced me into a salt bath to soak and poured a whole bunch of hydrogen peroxide on it. It's now covered and slathered with Neosporin + pain relief. Let's hope we can avoid a visit to the doctor.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Plant Babies

I haven't been doing much of note lately, but my plants have and since I treat them like my babies that's what I'm going to post about. Maybe I'll even go so far as renaming my blog "Plant Babies" and turning this into a gardening blog. Since I have 8 plants there is really very little to discuss and I find it somewhat unhealthy, I won't, but you do get to see pictures!

Look at my little tomato! It's growing so much and blocking the sun from my other tomato plant, I believe we'll have to change the location in order to ensure survival of not only the fittest, but also the little. The basil over there has gotten a lot of new growth too and I planted some rosemary.
Here is our friend the jalepeno. He's flourishing and I've watched him flower. He will produce us little peppers soon enough. The petals have already fallen and there are a few more buds ready to pop.
And my flowers. We've got a Marigold up in front that bloomed yesterday and another, as you can see ready to bloom as well.
In other news Noah and I are doing well. I started my teaching program and am very nervous about August, but am so excited to teach!!!

Noah's show goes up in a few weeks and he'll have some fantastic pieces so everyone should come see him. I believe it goes up the first week of July. He's also currently in a show in the HFAC on the 4th floor, east side. The one up now is all glass work and believe me, it's beautiful!

The Farmer's Market has been a success so far and we're having a good time with everyone coming to visit us in our booth on Saturdays. Which everyone should, because we love the company and the market is a great free date as long as you don't spend anything. It's from 9-2 p.m. every Saturday, be there or be square!