Sunday, April 26, 2009


Our one lone piece of furniture. Thanks Ruth for the chair!

What we ended up eating dinner on last night. You're jealous, I know. It was all Noah's idea. I provided the dish cloth and the candle and he provided the very small wooden box. :)Speaking of is posing for me in the doorway. We're both model material.
(Also, please note that yes, Noah's head is almost to the ceiling. No, he's not a midget, 5'11" in fact.)

A Shower

The five of us united again!

I got a lot of interesting presents. :)
He gets fatter every time I see him and it makes me so happy.

Crystal put all of this food together.

Doesn't it look just delicious????

Overall the shower was a success. They made me eat taffy and answer questions about Noah and then we watched a movie of him and that was funny.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Timeless Tea Party

This weekend Noah and I took a trip down to Castle Dale, Utah. His extended family threw us a bridal shower/tea party. I can't describe how good it was so I'll just show you these:

Yes, they were every bit as delectable as they look. They were so generous. I'm going to risk sounding really domestic, but I cannot wait to hang up my dishtowels, put on one of my aprons, and curl up underneath our hand made quilt, (courtesy of Sara and Morgan). We've received so many wonderful gifts and I'm pumped about marriage!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Despite Noah's attempts to torture me. Yes, we are still getting married.

Invitations will be on their way soon! I can't believe it's happening next month!