Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dear Utah,

I've been avoiding this for some time now.  I was in denial that I'd leave.  I came here for school and I didn't think I'd stay, but I did.

I fell in love Utah, with many, many beautiful people.  If I were to begin listing them you'd get really bored, but we both know their names.  

We've had good times and bad times.  I developed road rage because of your drivers, been sunburned on your mountain peaks, despised your endless trains, and shed countless tears.  Still, I've looked out on the water pocket fold as the sun rose, slept out under the stars in the Narrows, drunk from clear mountain streams, and laughed until my belly ached.

Now here we are on the road driving towards a new beginning.  I'll miss you and your funny pronunciations and your quirky LDS culture.  I feel like I've left a huge chunk of my heart there with my friends, colleagues and my students.

I think it's safe to say I've fallen in love, again, with you.



Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why hello...

Hello there blog reading community.  I bet you cried yourself to sleep at night missed me.  Well I'm back!

And since we know how fond of lists I am I'll list the furniture we still own:
1 couch
1 mattress
3 camp chairs
a folding table
and a recently acquired ottoman

We've been packing like crazy.  Noah's quota is a box a day.  We sold off all of Noah's glass inventory tonight and are having a yard sale this weekend.  Whew, we have 13 days until our mover (Noah's dad) arrives to drive most of our worldly possessions to Chicago.  Here a few pictures of what we've done.

I should preface this by saying during Spring Break we took a trip to visit Shelley and Alan.  It was WONDERFUL!  Why did I ever say it wasn't a good idea.

Noah with the Whippet that he got to drive in Arizona.
The cake we made for Easter dinner.

We went with Shelley to the Desert Botanical Gardens where we fell in love with cacti.

Some of them were in bloom!

My personal favorite was the Saquaro.  They're like trees in Arizona!

I also loved these little Bishop's Cap Cactuses. 

After getting home we celebrated a birthday with Jessica.  We are REALLY going to miss them.

After I packed away our down comforter fickle Utah weather turned cold again and we resorted to using our sleeping bags.

What we sold at the yard sale.

Arizona inspired me to begin painting again.

What we had about a month ago to take.  This pile has grown a little, but not too much.  It still is in this one corner!