Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pumpkin and Christmas Tree Injustice

This year for Halloween I had dreams about picking my own pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. After researching the nearest one I had to give up the search. There simply weren't any pumpkin patches to pick pumpkins from in Utah. Instead we bought 3 pumpkins for $3 from a cart the day of Halloween. They never did get carved.

NOW it's Christmas trees! The nearest Christmas tree farm in Utah is Ogden and to get a tree cutting permit that only costs $10 I have to drive to Vernal or Richfield Utah. Are all of my family holiday traditions to be dashed to pieces while living in Utah?

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Now that I'm puking out blog posts I thought I should announce that we're...



I've had the sudden urge to create things for my home. Either I'm nesting (not likely) or I'm really enjoying being a little housewife. This guy is my latest creation. Inspired by Laura, I've been wanting to make my very own garbage bag holder for some time.

I got my fabric from one of my all time favorite places in the entire world...Ikea.

The next project comes from my love of Russian nesting dolls. They might be kitschy, but I like 'em.

You're jealous of my craftiness, I know.

A Good Use of China

Whitney and Stetson threw a fabulous dinner party where Noah and I got to use our china! Yay for early Christmas presents.

It was quite the dinner party.

With fabulous guests.

Afterwards we played Wackee Six on teams. It got really intense. This is after Noah and I won. That was the only time we won.

Our competitors.

A Homecooked Meal

Welcome to a typical evening at the Coal Man Hotel.

Every evening we have homemade hot applesauce.

And home cooked wheat rolls.

And this homemade man is always in attendance.

A Long Time Ago...

The Greek gods all together. Demeter, Apollo, Cupid, and Apollo's Muse(A Lesser god).
Fat babies make the best cupids.

Cupid and his victims. Crystal and Adam have arrows coming out of their clothes and the hearts say "Love Struck."

Krista inspired us all. She made the best Demeter.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


1. Arnold Friberg exhibit was excellent. We saw Elder Hales. Noah now refers to him as "Bobbie."
2. There are NO pictures of Noah and I dressed up at our ward party. :( Perhaps I can re-do my costume just for you Laura.
3. We're selling our necklaces at Bon Bons Boutique in Provo now on University Ave in Provo Town Square. Check it out!
4. More pictures and updates to come. No internet=no pictures. Bah!


You'd like to see some pictures of the great events Noah and I have been up to? I have some bad news. We haven't been taking any! I'm sorry Laura that there is no proof of our Halloween adventure at the ward party. There are however, pictures of our little house party and I haven't even posted the little ghost rolls we made. No internet at home equals no pictures on my blog.

On another note Arnold Friberg showing was a success! We had a great time and apparently Al at Home Depot was in charge of the event. We haven't figured out why Al is still working at Home Depot. Unless he owns the store. That's a different story. We got to see Elder Hales at the reception. Noah has affectionately nicknamed him "Bobbie." Thank goodness he never actually called him that to his face.

In other good news, Noah and I are selling our necklaces at a little boutique called Bon Bons Boutique in Provo. Go in and check it out!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Life of N&R Coleman

Some things of note in our life:

We went to a Ward Halloween Party on Friday. Noah went as "Bad Taste" and I went as his knocked up girlfriend. People in the ward asked if it was trying to tell them something. That is a definite negative.

For Halloween we had a few friends over and dressed up as Greek gods, ate Jack-o-Lantern pizza, and also made dirt cups. We were sad to miss the Jorgensen party, but we'll hopefully be there next time. :)

Last night Noah had a really bad evening. To cheer him up I agreed to buy him a box of nails. We arrive at Home Depot and with some help from a Home Depot employee end up with 8 boxes of nails for $30 less than what we would have spent. Afterward, he took us out to his car and handed us an invitation to a private unveiling of Arnold Friberg's latest work in West Valley City. Needless to say, Noah is skipping class and I'm taking off work.

On another note, if anyone knows of some good deals on plane tickets to Florida please inform us immediately.