Sunday, November 7, 2010

Party City

On Wednesday I finished 26 progress reports for work and still held everything together to have a housewarming (It was truly a miracle, but I will say on Friday I couldn't hold everything together and finally broke down. We all have weak days (haha weekdays...get it?) right?).

Overall, the housewarming was a success. We're sad some people couldn't make it, but we hope they know they are appreciated. We could have never have survived the flood without them.

(P.S. Almost everything that night was WW friendly AND delicious!)

Saturday proved to be another busy day this week. I got up early to go to my WW meeting (which I lost 2.4 lbs. at!) and start working on the following delectable treats with the help of Crystal and Krista:

We had quite the spread...

I can't take credit for the following, because Crystal made this BEAUTIFUL diaper cake and the sweet decorations that are not sitting on my coffee table still. I would hate for them to go to waste...

Eventually it was time to open gifts and Jessica was thrilled. I love her happy grin in this one.

It was a lovely afternoon to celebrate Jessica and her baby(Yay Jess!). After those festivities I headed off to my third party of the day up in Pleasant Grove. No babies at that least not yet! Congratulations to Katie who is getting married in 20 days!

It was a long week, but I'm happy to begin this next week with a nice relaxing Sunday with the following:
I couldn't resist posting it again.

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Kaitlin said...

so it took me a while to get what WW meant. At first I thought maybe it meant word of wisdom haha i hope everything at your party was word of wisdom friendly as well as weight watcher friendly