Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day Seis

My Favorite Superhero

My favorite superhero, hands down, is Batman. My interest peaked when my roommate Esther had a somewhat unhealthy obsession with all things Batman. At one point, Batman guarded our door. I however, like Batman because he's a real human being.

Batman doesn't have any fancy super powers that he got because he's an alien. I think this fact alone makes him a more believable hero. I give credit to the other guys with the fancy super powers, they're cool to see and I like to imagine what it would be like to have powers like that. However, I personally connect with the guy who dresses up in the thing he fears most and saves ordinary people's lives through the use of plausible technology.

Another reason I think makes him awesome is Batman teaches us bravery. He learns to conquer the things he fears most and turn them in to strengths. I know that I could be a bit braver and be more like Batman when it comes to spiders. Also, I could be a good person and capture bad guys.

Really, we could all be a bit more like Batman and make the world a more livable place. Batman is just like you and me, one day at a time he makes his city safer. Thanks to Batman Gotham is a better city. Thanks to his example we all strive to be better people.

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