Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day Diecinueve

Nicknames you have and why you have them...

They're very simple and similar to my name in every way:

Becky-Had it since birth.

Beck-The "y" on the end gets difficult for people to say. :)

Beckster-Very endearing.

Becca-Only my sister and a select few people are authorized to call me this. I hate being called Becca.

B-Whip-My dear roommate M-Dub and I were gangsta' one summer.

Becky Shmecky-Esther always wanted me to marry someone with that last name. Almost had Noah convinced he should change his last name (not really). She felt it would make me more Jewish.

1 comment:

Mrs.Racer said...

What about Becks :) Your link on my blog to yours is titles Becks..
And what about Nipple Whippler - is that gone now that you're not a whipple?
Do you miss the days you were Becks the Nipple Whippler? :D
Now that i look back at it, it was gross sounding then & super gross sounding now - i'm glad that one died.
<3 Lauren