Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day Trece

Write a letter to someone who has offended you recently:

Dear Body,

Why oh why do you burn when I squat, when I sit, when I walk? Muscles are meant to help me move and now they torture me. Body, you had better not hurt me again or I'm going to kick some trash. I promise I'll punish you by running harder.

Love, Becky

Noah also suggested I write to the asphalt...

Dear Asphalt,

You suck. Literally, you suck my knees down to greet you and it hurts. Thanks to you my knees are bruised and scarred. I hate you.

Love, Becky


Anne Adele said...

Did your knees come in contact with asphalt? Rachel has spontaneous bruising on her knees. She has no idea how it happened. Rachel would like to start a support group for the two of you. I'm listening to Kiri Te Kanawa singing Puccini. It is beautiful.

The Colemans said...

We should start a support group. My knees crave asphalt I think. They are constantly in contact with them. This last time my knee got infected again and I had to go the doctor.