Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Love

Instead of taking pictures of my family and the Native American ruins we went to go see we took landscapes on the ride home...

That's it. If you want to see pictures of my family you can visit my aunt's blog.

Beside the landscape we really enjoyed New Mexico. Noah and I stayed at my aunt and uncle's house. They sent us home with a mini fridge, a full tank of gas, and a packed lunch. She packed us an excellent lunch. We had ham sandwiches, root beers, clementines, apples, and animal crackers. Yay for family!

Noah was also nicknamed "Nova" whilst there because little Kourtney couldn't pronounce his real name. There were so many children running around and we loved it! A big thanks to my cousins for having such cute kids. You did good.

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Amanda said...

It was so fun having you two around! Glad Nova was a good sport about all my crazy kids jumping on him constantly.