Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Highlights

This weekend was wonderful. First of all, at Weight Watchers I've come to a total of 12 lbs! Afterward, I was talking to a friend and told her she should quit her job because she is so stressed. She replied to me, "But then I can't buy myself a new car every month!" Believe me, she does actually do this. She trades in her old car for another car every other week.

I stopped by to get supplies for the Thai food party on Saturday and received a life lesson lecture from the man at the register. He could tell I was younger and perhaps he felt I needed his wisdom. I was amused to say the least.

Sunday I read this:

All day. It was blissful. There were no meetings and no appointments. Just Noah and I snuggled up on the couch reading books with the sun streaming in. Sigh.

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Anne Adele said...

Tell me about the book. I've never read anything by Bryan Sanderson.