Sunday, January 16, 2011


Today in church we had talks on "tender mercies of the Lord." I realized that I haven't really been looking for them in my life. So I started thinking and I realized how much God has blessed our family.

Noah and I were married in May 2009. First of all, I thought I'd never get married. I'd never dated anyone before and didn't really have anyone interested in me. It could have been me and how awkwardly I acted around boys when I went on dates with them. I never really felt comfortable. Noah was a different story all together. I liked the way he treated and respected me when we talked. I look at our relationship as a tender mercy. Noah was just what I needed in my life just when I needed it and he will always be just what I need.

After our marriage, life was good. We weren't rich, but we had enough to keep us going. When I started having monthly painful attacks I was really scared. When the doctor told me I had to have my gallbladder removed I was even more scared. When the woman at the hospital told me it was going to cost me $10,000 I about had a heart attack on top of the gallbladder. I know that many people were praying for us. I know that there was no other way Noah and I would have received so much financial aid. My family sent money for my birthday, we found $100 on our doorstep from someone in the ward, and the hospital gave us a lot of financial aid. I know that that was a tender mercy of the Lord.

I thought as well after all of that, that I was doomed to never get a job to support us sufficiently. When I interviewed for a teaching position I hoped, but didn't spend a lot of time on it. When my principal called and offered me the teaching position I couldn't believe this was happening. I know that the Lord answered my prayers. (The above picture is of my para and I on Halloween.)

And this weekend, I was feeling a bit down on myself and Noah was out of town. I was doing dishes and getting angrier and angrier with my thoughts. Not at Noah, but at others unkindness and selfishness. I felt so angry at one point and still mixed with remorse for my feelings I started to sing hymns. Peace came into my heart and I felt for once in a long time happy and whole. The Lord gave me yet another tender mercy.

See, they're everywhere! Those tender moments when you know God is there. And in hopes of helping you feel a tender mercy I'll leave you with this quote:

"The history of the Church in this, the dispensation of the fulness of times, is replete with the experiences of those who have struggled and yet who have remained steadfast and of good cheer as they have made the gospel of Jesus Christ the center of their lives. This attitude is what will pull us through whatever comes our way. It will not remove our troubles from us but rather will enable us to face our challenges, to meet them head on, and to emerge victorious"-Thomas S. Monson "Be of Good Cheer"


merilee said...

Thanks Becky! That was perfect for me to read. You are a good example. Love you!

Josh and Laura said...

love this post, and you look so hot in the first picture! (I mean you look great in every picture, but I'm just saying)