Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queen of Lists

So when I went home I found lists. Apparently my list making began early on. Now I make lists of things I need to do, and then I made lists of other things like: qualities I want in a husband, 1,000 things that make me happy, etc. Today I would like to begin my new year with a list of things I want to accomplish this summer when I'm no longer swamped with work. Here it goes:

1. Hike & camp in Moab.
2. Take Noah's overly priced road trip.
3. Begin couponing.
4. Read as many books as humanly possible.
5. Make my quilt!
6. Finish certification.
7. Take a picnic, several if possible.
8. GO CAMPING!!!!!!!!!!! Everywhere and anywhere.
9. Build something.
10. Paint, paint, and more paint.
11. Run a long distance.
12. Finally make Noah hike the Y.
13. Eat cupcakes & ice cream and still lose weight. :)
14. Sleep.
15. Run barefoot in the rain.
17. Read the Old Testament.
18. Volunteer.
19. Trip to Florida.
20. Put my feet in the Pacific Ocean.

I think 18 is a good number to start with. Every time I try to end I come up with something new, see now there are 20. Oh I'm so excited.

What are you going to do? Any suggestions my dear, 8 loyal followers?


Carolyn said...

Good list! Sounds like it will be a fun summer!

Tedi said...

I highly recommend taking a drive during a lovely Sunday afternoon on the Alpine Loop and also doing the Mt. Nebo Loop. They were always so long when I was younger, but so much more fun when I started getting older, and had someone I love with me. Sounds so cheesy eh!? :)