Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Time for Good-bye

Good-bye gallbladder. April 1st we part until the resurrection. Good riddance I hope you rot until then for all the pain and anguish you have caused me.

That's right folks, it's really coming out. I'm counting my blessings that I've been able to prepare for this whole thing and that it wasn't emergency surgery. A special thanks goes to the officer who didn't ticket us, the rest of my organs for functioning at their best despite their comrade who has decided to revolt, a thanks to my family who has given me fantastic "birthday gifts" to go towards surgery, and to Megan for buying me a fantastic new dress from Urban Wear(people commented all day about how great I looked all thanks to YOU).

1 comment:

Kaitlin said...

there is something up with Whipples and gallbladders. Mine is just doomed to come out I might as well get it out now before it quits on me.