Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing a Little Ket-chup

Yesterday was my birthday and yesterday Noah threw me a fantastic little surprise party in our apartment. He says it's impossible to surprise me, but he did a fantastic job thanks to a little help from everyone else!

On an entirely different note he claims that that evening I stole all the covers and he spent the entire night grumpy at me and not getting any sleep. So this morning he made me breakfast in bed to repent of his grumpiness. I should steal the covers more often.

Esther announced her engagement. SWEET! Now I can't stop looking at wedding stuff in order to be helpful. I think I need a second wedding of my own just so I can plan it.

I started making a dress. Following a pattern is much tricker than I would have imagined. Sheesh. I never would have been able to cut it out without the help of Lizzy. Pictures to be expected!

And now a list of things I wish to do this summer:

1. Rearrange my living room. This has been contemplated for months, but Noah insists it's impossible. He also said that about the bedroom and it of course looks fantastic now that we've actually moved it all.
2. Go camping, A LOT!!!!
3. Find a decent job. Just like everyone else. Except Noah.
4. SEW SEW SEW that includes the garden variety as well. I'm Head Gardner this summer.
5. Hike in Zion's and Moab.
6. Visit Chicago on the Amtrak. Noah and I think it would be fun.
7. Build a massive fort.
8. Sleep outside under the stars.
9. Deep clean my apartment. You probably think this is lame, but I think to myself, "DIE SPIDERS AND HUGE BEETLES DIE!"
10. Get down to my goal weight, FINALLY! Or at least my wedding weight.
11. Party at my house!!!

I feel that is sufficient for now. If you have suggestions please feel free to comment. :P

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Noah said...

I don't think its impossible, just impractical. But you will get your way eventually, won't you?