Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I've recently decided that being mediocre is not any fun. Therefore, I denounce it!

With all this surgery business buzzing around in my head and how to pay for this I realized, I need a better job. So, I started applying EVERYWHERE! That's about when I realized, I work in a middle school. Why don't I become a teacher? The lights began flashing and I've decided that I'm actually going at this with full force. The prophet said it's ok to go in to debt for an education and while I've already done that I've not been able to do anything substantial with it.

The conclusion is, I'm going to become a Special Education Teacher and I'm excited about it.


La Esposa said...

Beck! Good for you mija!! I couldn't be prouder. And I think you're going to make A GRREEATT Special Ed Teacher! Can't wait to hear more about it tonight! LOVE YOU.

Courtney Nielson said...

Oh my gosh, such a perfect job for you! Way to go Becks!