Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Here's to the Man

I know you see all these shout outs about people who give tributes to their husbands. Today, I would like to campaign for my husband. I know I mentioned he should be president of the United States, and this is why:

1. When I begged him to not make me work over the summer and just enjoy myself he said "OK."
2. I got a new job and he's taken on the role of housekeeper and cook(while he's still working and going to school as well).
3. He did the dishes 2 times in a row. He HATES doing dishes.
4. He did my laundry so we both can have underwear.
5. He took me to a trailer park and ate tacos out of someone's shack attached to their trailer.
6. I never hear him complain about how late I have to work even when I bring work home.
7.When I post these potentially embarrassing photos of him on my blog he won't get mad(mostly because he never reads it).

So vote for Noah! President of the United States 2012!


Anne Adele said...

Yes, yes he's the man. I will vote for him. Hey, I just remembered that you have to be thirty five to run for president of USA. I will vote for him when he turns thirty five. How's that?

(Rachel says 36)

Michael said...

Correct: one must be thirty-five, and a natural born citizen. But Noah is from Mexico. ...Noah for President of Mexico 2012!!!!

Alan and Shelley said...

Sorry Beck, I cannot vote for Noah for Pres., not only because of the reasons already listed above, but because I am fully aware that Noah is a democrat and even, dare I say it?, Yes, liberal minded. I am, you may know, very conservative, and while i love him dearly, I cannot support him as a candidate for the Presidency of the U.S.A. It cannot be helped. But if he is elected, will you please invite me to the white house anyway?