Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Sleepover

I informed Noah last night that I would be sleeping on the couch. I couldn't handle sleeping on my back and not being propped up for another night (I normally sleep on my stomach. You have only to look at my last post to see why I can't do that). So Noah decided to sleep out in the living room with me in his sleeping bag. Thus, we decided to build a fort!

I felt this one was too classic.

Unfortunately, we had to take the fort down for actual sleeping. Noah had attached the roof to the light fixture and was concerned about breaking it. It was good while it lasted and I slept so well.


Anne Adele said...

Camping out in front room, huh? It looks like a real adventure. Did Noah ever tell you about when the father and son campout got rained out so Kate made him a camping site downstairs? She made a fire out of construction paper and she even had a wandering snake. It's a great memory and now you guys a a new wonderful memory.

Pearlie Meg said...

That looks totally fun. I'm glad you're doing better.

Mrs.Racer said...

Ya'll are so flippin cute it's disgusting! I LOVE IT!

mikey and kimby said...

That's way too fun!

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