Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mail's Here

Today when the mail came I was elated. It was like being a little kid again. I begged to go get the mail when my mom deemed me old enough to cross the street on my own. Now, as an adult, junk mail is NOT exciting. However, today I got:

1 baby shower invite
1 wedding invite
A few ads
1 hospital bill

Now, you might not find that last item very exciting. I did. When the hospital called me and told me to have my gallbladder removed it would cost $10,000 I burst in to tears. The good news is, my surgery wasn't that much on the hospital's end! It was a glorious day. It was still steep, but not $10,000 and we still haven't found out about financial aid. I would say this is what I prayed for and the Lord already has answered my prayers. We still hope for the financial aid, but at least we won't be paying $10 a month for a hundred years to pay it off. :)

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