Friday, January 22, 2010


Things I want to buy:

A new computer
New clothes
A gym membership
Screws for my bed frame
A shelving unit to put all Noah's "supplies" on
DVD's for my collection
BOOKS, so many books

Reasons I love my job:

Playing kickball and baseball with the kids
Making faces
Every day is different

Things that I don't want to spend money on:

My gallbladder
Gas for my car


La Esposa said...

I realize that this probably isn't the most rational thing to be saying after reading your post, but I'd LOVE to go shopping for "new" clothes too lol.

call me. =)

Anne Adele said...

I love your list. There are absolutely things that we should spend our money on and things that we shouldn't have to spend our money on. I only want to spend my money on fun things. I want to spend my money on pedicures and hot chocolate.

Gillian and Kevin Mohlman said...

I got my gall bladder out and it is not fun! I will say that I feel 100% better now though that it is gone!