Thursday, January 14, 2010

Accepting Donations

You may be wondering yet again, where has Becky been? Well let's begin with Monday. I woke up Monday morning with a little back pain. It's familiar to me and I knew something very painful was to follow, but I went back to bed and thought the worst was over. Was I ever wrong.

After calling in to work I woke up at 8:30 in severe pain. I felt very much like throwing up. So I call my husband 5 times to beg him to take me to the health center. There is no answer. Luckily Whitney, from the ward, answered her phone the second time I desperately called her.

On our way to the BYU Health Center I thanked her by throwing up in her car(in the trash can I brought along just in case). I then spent my morning being stabbed 6 times in order to test my blood, peeing in a cup, and getting a very pricey ultrasound. The conclusion...


This picture is untrue. If I could actually do that I would. Instead, I'm paying for a doctor to remove my little sack of stones for a hefty sum. I am now accepting donations to pay for the cause.


Amanda said...

I'm so sorry Becky!!! It seriously must be a Whipple curse. I'm still paying for my little vacation to the hospital last summer for the very same thing. Good luck!!! And you will so much better when that nasty little organ is removed from your body.

La Esposa said...

Freaken Beck. I am SO SORRY mija. I'm totally down for donating to the fund...esp. b/c...well, we can talk about that personally =).

WE love you and we'll be sure to pray for you.

Naomi said...

Dang I do think it is a Whipple curse! I hope I don't get it anytime soon. Feel better soon and do let me know if you need anything!!!

Megan said...

I feel for you!! I hope you feel better soon!