Saturday, January 2, 2010

Beachy Keen

And thus we arrived in Tampa after a long day in the airport followed by a long trip in the car.

Family bonding time on the beach. My personal favorite.

Basically what this picture says is we're beach people. We are hardcore, any time of the day or night, rain or cold, we go to the beach. Noah says, "We're like the actual postal service (not the band). Parenthesis on the end."

This is a happier day for Noah. Now he's complaining that I won't let him go to bed. Posh.

This is more like what he's good at. Destroying other people's dreams. Noah says, "Stop writing bad things about me! *Beats Spouse*" Actually he's just sick still from the trip. He was a trooper this day wheezing and coughing, but I still think he loved it.

My sisters are fantastic architects. They even buried Raelee in the sand.

This is mostly what made Noah's day. Please note the kite string. He attached it to his chair and left it there. No effort involved. That's what the beach is about.

Unless you're me. Then the artistic juices are flowing and I just had to do something creative. I made a sand mermaid. Way cooler than the sand castles, alligators, fish, caves, etc.

The end.

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