Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Life of N&R Coleman

Some things of note in our life:

We went to a Ward Halloween Party on Friday. Noah went as "Bad Taste" and I went as his knocked up girlfriend. People in the ward asked if it was trying to tell them something. That is a definite negative.

For Halloween we had a few friends over and dressed up as Greek gods, ate Jack-o-Lantern pizza, and also made dirt cups. We were sad to miss the Jorgensen party, but we'll hopefully be there next time. :)

Last night Noah had a really bad evening. To cheer him up I agreed to buy him a box of nails. We arrive at Home Depot and with some help from a Home Depot employee end up with 8 boxes of nails for $30 less than what we would have spent. Afterward, he took us out to his car and handed us an invitation to a private unveiling of Arnold Friberg's latest work in West Valley City. Needless to say, Noah is skipping class and I'm taking off work.

On another note, if anyone knows of some good deals on plane tickets to Florida please inform us immediately.


Josh and Laura said...

becky. you need to post pictures of your costumes from your ward halloween party. do it for me.

Josh and Stacy said...

I want to see pics too! You better be up next year. Are you both coming to my house for Thanksgiving? I hope so! If not, you better be out east.

The Colemans said...

We'll be in New Mexico with some extended family on my side. And sadly for Christmas we won't be there either. We're going to Chicago and Florida.

Scott and Lindsey said...

Dear Becky Whipple!

WHAT? You have a pretty exciting life there, dear that I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!! Can we at least rekindle this friendship through the blogisphere?

PS... I found you via Miss Hawkins, in case you were worried about your susceptibility to stalkers.

Lindsey (Petersen) Hannay