Thursday, November 12, 2009


You'd like to see some pictures of the great events Noah and I have been up to? I have some bad news. We haven't been taking any! I'm sorry Laura that there is no proof of our Halloween adventure at the ward party. There are however, pictures of our little house party and I haven't even posted the little ghost rolls we made. No internet at home equals no pictures on my blog.

On another note Arnold Friberg showing was a success! We had a great time and apparently Al at Home Depot was in charge of the event. We haven't figured out why Al is still working at Home Depot. Unless he owns the store. That's a different story. We got to see Elder Hales at the reception. Noah has affectionately nicknamed him "Bobbie." Thank goodness he never actually called him that to his face.

In other good news, Noah and I are selling our necklaces at a little boutique called Bon Bons Boutique in Provo. Go in and check it out!

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