Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Violent Revelation

Yesterday marked the second bike accident occurring in exactly the same way in 2 years.  Last time the bike accident got me a job.  This time it made me realize I hate my job.  Funny how that happens.

I bruised my knee pretty good this time around and landed a nice bump on the head.  Noah brought me a gift later in the form of his bike helmet.  So after all that's been happening to me I've realized how grateful I am.

Things to be grateful for:

1) I didn't bust my head open even though my face skidded on the ground and miraculously didn't really even leave a mark.
2)My roommates to the rescue and then fixing me dinner (which was delicious).
3)Noah for bandaging my wounds, fixing the twisted handlebars, oiling my bike chain, adjusting the brakes, and screwing my front wheel back on.  All done without me asking him.
4)My FHE group who made me "get well" cards.  They were very creative and involved bloody depictions of the accident.
5)My parents and my grandmother who have offered to help fix Frederick.
6)A good knock in the head to realize I'm not cut out to be a legal receptionist.

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La Esposa said...

i love u.... freaken beck