Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sweet Newish Clothes

Basically, I am the queen of alterations.  Er, well maybe not, but still I freaking fixed like 5-6 shirts today.  
Remember how I lost 34 lbs. and my pants and shirts which are still in great condition no longer fit?  Well, no worries, I just took em' in a little bit with my handy-dandy sewing machine that  I got last Christmas and never used until this September.  
Took me a year, but yes it came in handy while I continue to sit at home on my couch applying to millions of jobs I hope I get.  Good news is at least tomorrow I have an interview.

Also, this whole weight lost thing has given me the excuse to buy a new skirt for the interviews I'm going to be going to.  Sometimes, losing weight gives you excuses for many happy things.


Naomi said...

I think that we should make having lunch on Wednesday into a girls day! I would love for you to go to the mall with me and maybe you can put your handy dandy alteration skills to work on a few of my shirts. Then I will have a few more things to wear. What do ya think? It's not like you are totally busy or anything. LOL! Love ya!

Missy Johnson said...

Great job whippdog. Keep it up! :)