Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frustrating and Not so Frustrating Moments

I would like to start this off by saying that I have been very blessed.  In all of those extremely frustrating moments where you don't have a job, no one is hiring full-time, and you'd like to cry yourself to sleep at night almost every night, there is still a ray of sunlight somewhere.  I'd like to start with the list of good things that are happening in my life:

Friends-These are excellent.  They are very wonderful and have been keeping me alive.
Boyfriend-He's the best.  Seriously.
My Family-They still love me after all.
A Place to Live-I still have this, at least until next month.  Then I'm broke, officially.
Food-My roommates have been providing fresh goods.  Told you, they are excellent.
The Gospel-Still there.  I still have a testimony and I know that's what's going to be key.
Clothes-Still wearing them.

So you see I've been very blessed.  I'm just lacking employment.  I have a college degree, I can do this!  Also, Frederick is sick.  Luckily there is a man coming to look at him tomorrow to fix him.  Oh I really hope he fixes him.

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Amanda said...

I forgot you had a blog for a while (I've been out of it lately!) So I've been playing catch-up......34 lbs gone and a boyfriend?! Coongrats and Yahoo! I think I need to see a picture of your hottness and sidekick all together. K!