Friday, July 12, 2013

Epic Road Trip 2013

Oh hi!

I know, I've been absent again and you've missed me terribly (or not).

Well, no matter how you feel about my absence from the blogging community I'll give you a little rundown of our little (or extremely long) road trip, but I'm going to give it to you in pictures because: 1. I think it's more interesting; 2. I look pretty sexy in some of them; and 3. I have your attention for the moment.

Did you know that there are A LOT of different kinds of turtles and they ARE ALL OVER MISSOURI.  I didn't kill any with the car, but that doesn't mean that we didn't come close.  Who knew?

What the heck is a Prickly Pear Cactus doing in the middle of the Ozarks?  It was there to remind us of home?

Inspiration Point...very inspiring.

"What's that on her head?"  That would be the bug net that goes over my face to protect me from the million bugs that wanted to eat my face.

Sunrise outside the tree house cabin.

Noah in Dismals Canyon aka the Rainforest in the middle of Alabama where deadly lone star ticks come from and bite you.  Yes, I believe I picked up a tick here and it was traumatic.

Gender reveal for Katie and Brandon!  It's a boy!

This describes our relationship well.
You can be jealous now.

Oh my gosh he's handsome.  I win.
Oh it's us, please ignore the fact that I'm not wearing sufficient clothing.

Dead fish.  Noah took the teeth.  They weren't gross, mostly just really cool.


Naples + Best Friend + Manatee = WOOT!

Our cute little campsite at Mammoth Cave National Park.
The lady that took this in Kentucky took it and looked at it and said, "Oh that's so cute, you guys look great!"  Does anyone else see the irony?

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