Saturday, July 13, 2013

10 things I've Learned Moving to Chicago

Woot!  I'm back, second day in a row.  Yesterday you got a Reader's Digest version of our trip and today I want to share with you 10 things I've learned.

1. After playing the license plate game we've discovered that New Hampshire is the most reclusive of all the states because we saw 47 out of 50.  Now you're thinking, "Becky, that's three states."  Well folks, you can't blame us for not finding Alaska and Hawaii considering they're not actually attached to the United States.

2.  Pigeons are loud.  Also really annoying annnd slightly scary.

3.  The brown line Damen stop on the L is not anywhere near the blue line Damen stop.

4.  230 square feet is small for two people, but possible to live in.

5.  Fruit flies are super dumb and NEVER DIE!

6.  Driving in the city isn't as bad as parking in the city.

7.  Six inches of water and sand constitutes a "beach." :)

8.  When doctors and lawyers move, artists can benefit.  ($200 so far spent on furniture at a brand new value of about $700!)

9.  Sequesters suck for education and employment.

10.  If you have a place to go in Chicago--there's a line waiting for you when you get there.

Pictures to come soon of the apartment (and by soon I mean August because that's when we'll get all of our final bits of furniture)!

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