Saturday, August 11, 2012


So I've been told on multiple occasions that if there was ever a zombie apocalypse that we would survive.  Here's ten reasons why:

1.  I love my 72 Hour Kit and food storage.
2.  Noah makes our milk(from almonds).
3.  We love camping and have plenty of gear to high tail it to the middle of nowhere.
4.  We can make sprouts!(Thanks Esther.)
5.  Noah bakes bread(and sometimes he hand grinds the wheat.  I know you are all jealous of my domestic husband.  Don't tell him I called him that on the internet.)
6. We garden.
7.  I know how to make cheese.
8.  We dream of living on our own farm/B&B in the middle of some abandoned stretch of land.
9.  We own a book about dying our own clothes from plants.
10.  I sewed my own dress.

Which brings us to the real reason I'm putting up this post.  I made a dress.  I spend quite some time on Pinterest oogling over maxi dresses and decided I didn't want a pattern--I was going to make it up.  Scary right?  If you think that is scary, try reading or attempting an actual dress pattern.  The dress I just made took: 3 yds. of fabric cut into 4 pieces, a sewing machine(and other various sewing equipment), and about 3 hours.

I didn't make the belt.  I bought that at Downeast.

So this will be my first day of school dress.  Bring it on zombies!

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Stacy said...

This totally proves the my granola theory! Very cute dress, though!