Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Great Mt. Timpanogos

So, Wednesday last week, Noah and I decided on a whim to hike Mt. Timpanogos.  That lasted about an hour (unfortunately, we ran into a thunderstorm and turned back).  Along the way, we heard that the other side of Mt. Timp was prettier, so for our next attempt we decided to try that route--and boy are we glad we did!

Attempt #1 
Attempt #2 (Noah is going off to use the restroom.)

I kept getting mad because it kept moving, but then it was just trying to pose for a closer shot!

There were wildflowers the entire way.  It was BEAUTIFUL!

We found a spring!  It saved our lives.

Me sliding down on my bum for fear of sliding down against my will.

We camped next to this waterfall coming from Emerald Lake.

The mountain goats that invaded our campsite.

The view from our campsite.

Where we slept.

I think this was at like 4 a.m.  The beans kept us up most of the night.

A fossil!
So, a short funny story(of which there were many) from the hike:

I woke up that morning and we looked at the stars for awhile and I discovered a little mouse under my backpack.  I thought, "Oh it's so cute!" and turned on my flashlight and it scampered away.  Noah goes to get breakfast ready and I'm packing up camp and I go to put on my shoes, but my sock is missing!  I had tucked it in to one of the mesh pockets on the side of my pack to let it dry.  I quickly realized that the mouse must have taken it!  Darn sneaky fellow.  I did have an extra pair of nice fluffy wool ones, which is exactly what you want to wear on a hot July day down the mountainside.  Noah says it was just looking for a sleeping bag for it's next mousy sleepover.  :)

One word of advice before I leave you.  Mt. Timpanogos is a very popular hike, while hiking from Aspen Grove is in fact shorter, it is also not for the faint of heart.  We highly recommend hiking from Timpanooeke side which may be longer, but is a much easier/prettier hike.

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