Thursday, November 10, 2011

Anecdotal Notes

So I've been talking to some people and trying to recruit them to join me in the marathon we're running in June. So I've decided to share with each of you my running schedule.

Things of note:

-We're not going to grad school next year and I'm teaching a third year of school. Woooooohooooo!
-One of my students is a chronic nose picker. They ate one of their boogers while I was teaching.
-The nose picker also farted in my classroom AND WAS FANNING IT AT THE STUDENT SITTING NEXT TO THEM. Needless to say I felt bad for them and then it wafted up my way. Oh goodness. I had to make a blanket statement asking anyone who needed to "pass gas" to please leave the room. "Pass gas? What's that." Fart, if anyone needs to fart please leave the classroom. The whole time they're sitting back there grinning.

There are no other things of note at this time. For further updates please stay tuned.