Monday, May 9, 2011

A New Ward, A New Day, and I'm feelin' good...

Noah and I have begun attending our first family ward since being married (and my first not student ward since I began school.)

It was interesting. That means, it was not really either good or bad, but neutral.

My favorite things from the new ward:

1. One of my favorite students EVER is in my ward.
He used to rub people's bellies.
He will do anything for a piece of candy.
He apparently led the music in opening exercises for priesthood.
I asked Noah what he did,
"Well he started off at the front waving his hand in the air. He walked around a lot and ended up sitting with the deacons in the back before the song was over."

2. One of the students at my current school is in my ward.
I however, do not teach him.

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