Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Mush

So I know you are all out there posting what you did on Valentine's and I wasn't going to, but well, here I am!

I spent a very hectic Monday trying to do things for the kids, which was of course futile. I send them packing, thinking great, an extra hour of time for me to get things done! No! I helped the kids deliver the Valentine's they didn't have time to give each other.

I get home, finally, late because I spent so much time working and Noah is there making dinner. He gives me a kiss and helps me with my bag and I go in to the bedroom to find a dozen pink roses in zebra print wrapping sitting on my bed. It was so beautiful and nice that I sat down on the bed and cried because the day just wasn't the best. Noah comes in somewhat confused, but all was well. About a half hour later we realize the roast won't be done for a long time. We then decide to go to Burger King with our gift card we won at the stake dance. Weeell, Noah forgot to use it so we still have a Burger King card.

When we got home Noah was in a grumpy mood and we fought. Noah dropped the roast on the floor and we yelled at each other. About 5 minutes later we decided to start our evening over, which is what we always do when we feel like we're stuck in gloomy moods. Often, I like to just start my day over and crawl into bed and pretend to wake-up again.

The rest of the evening we lay in bed doing whatever we felt like. So it wasn't as perfect as Noah had planned, but forgiveness is what love is all about right?

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