Thursday, August 5, 2010

My New Life

So yesterday I moved my entire classroom. Today, I watched Wilson videos and scrapbooked! The following is the result:

And now, what you've all been waiting for....MY CLASSROOM!!!!!
This is the view from one of my offices(oh yes, I have two.)
AND we decided to do the Co-op this month. Look at all my produce! We didn't do the meat share, but this next month we will be. The produce was fresh and wonderful and it was cheap! I think we'll keep doing this from here on out.

All for around $13 because we also got granola.

Also, as a side note, I referred to my classroom as home recently. I'm spending too much time here.


Christa said...

Becks, holy cow woman! You've been busy. Everything looks great. You are one talented scrapbooker/teacher/produce buyer!

Carolyn said...

Remember how you only have one office because one is now mine? And your class looks awesome!! Where is the picture of the bat? Also, I have been trying to figure out those produce things and I just don't get it. Teach me?! Pleeeeaaaase. I will be your friend forever.

Anne Adele said...

Bargains at the co-op. What fun. I'm a little jealous of your shopping at the co-op. We have the farmers markets around here and you can buy lots of different things ,but not at those prices. Your classroom looks huge. Do you know who your students will be? I'm so excited for you.

Anne Adele said...

Your classroom looks huge. Do you know anything about your students? I wish that I could go shopping with you at the co-op. What bargains. As to the scrap booking I was just imagining how much fun your kids will have looking at it in the future and seeing their own beginnings. Not that I'm urging you on to parenthood. You guys know your timing. I was just imagining your future whether near or far.

Stacy said...

I love your classroom, but it seem a little dark. Was that just your camera? It will become your home away from home, or maybe your apt. will be your home away from home. I think I want to be in a produce co op.