Friday, July 23, 2010

A Great Package Deal, 5 Dates All in One

So Noah and I (the good looking one to the right), decided to go camping yesterday. He and I have both been so busy with work that we haven't really done anything super fun. Well let's just say that changed yesterday.

We found this beautiful spot by a river. Little did we know what our neighbors had planned. I couldn't quite sneak up on them to take a picture while they were using the chain saw (yes I said chain saw, in the wilderness mind you) to chop down a perfectly good tree. It was also a bit too dark to take a picture of them carrying their two HUGE queen mattresses to their campsite. It was a bit overkill I think and not so camperly.

Matching headlights, every couple should have one. Mine is smaller because I am smaller.

Between Noah and the skunk, we had a pretty stinky night.

So Noah and I are in our tent relaxing, giggling, etc. until we suddenly hear a rustling. The thoughts, "I really hope that's not a bear; I don't want to get eaten," and "I really hope whatever it is doesn't like Sunchips and Mint Oreos because my breath smells like them," went through my head. Instead Noah takes a peek out the door and whispers to me very urgently "Don't move!" I freeze instantly, seeing as I trust him implicitly, but I can't help whispering whilst in my yoga "Cobra" position, "What is it?" After the thing goes directly past our tent Noah let's me know it's our little furry, sometimes stinky friend the skunk. I had to double check, but Noah didn't know any other creature that was black with a white stripe down it's back. Luckily this story does not end with us getting sprayed.

The following day we took a hike to the hot springs. The hike was beautiful with all these little shallow pools along the way.

Noah needed a break along the way so he did some stretches.

When we finally arrived there was this beautiful waterfall.

We forgot our bathing suits, so we had to get in with our clothes on. Apparently they're optional there at the hot springs (bathing suits and clothes that is.) Noah and I decided that we'd like to keep ours on, but one old man decided he didn't want to...

Can you see that I'm burning already? I feel like I'm a lobster boiling slowly to death.

Otherwise, we had a great time on what Noah classifies as "like 5 dates." He thinks he's done for the month now. We will see.


Tedi said...

You guys are too cute! "relaxing and giggling" huh? I don't buy that! :) teehee! Where did you find those hot springs?! I would love to go there myself! :) Well with my hubby I guess too!

Kate said...

we miss you...


p.s. i would have used my bear spray on the people sawing down that tree with the chain saw.