Sunday, August 2, 2009

Down on the Farm

Noah and I took a trip up to Idaho for Ruth's graduation and while we were up there we took a little day trip to Ashton to visit! It was so relaxing we wished we could have stayed longer.

Leah as usual was a riot and kept eating half a plum then going for another one.

Noah and I tried out the mower. I had some issues with steering, but Noah went right ahead and finished the front lawn. :)

We also got to drive a tractor for the first time. Noah was in charge of the throttle and I steered while Zach guided us.

Yeah, I know I make an excellent farmer/tractor driver.

In other news the farmer's market is going well. We already have a few loyal customers who love to visit us and we're learning new business strategies all the time. Anyone and everyone is welcome to visit every Saturday from 9-2 p.m. except this Saturday we'll be up in Washington for a wedding! See you soon!


The Schauerhamers said...

So you decided to go to Washington. That will be fun for you guys. I guess you will be doing a lot of traveling in the next little while. I'm glad you had fun here on the farm, we love it too. You will have to plan a time where you can come up and stay for a while instead of just a few hours.

Rebecca, John & Gabe said...

Gabe has you beat: he was driving that tractor at age 3! And can't wait to try it again!

sara said...

You are blogging or maybe I just finally realized it. Have a great weekend in Washington. Are you going to be able to go up to Idaho again for Z's farewell. I hope so.

Miranda Shurtliff said...

I hate Washington

Becky said...

Don't be a hater Miranda. You'll love Labor Day weekend!!!!