Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pop Guts, Limeade, and a little Surplus

Noah has been perusing his American Science and Surplus magazine. One of the items he wishes to purchase is a pedestrian "Walk," "Don't Walk" sign. You know, the ones you see at street corners.

His argument for obtaining one is, "Mr. Rogers had a stop light in his house." To which I replied, "Mr. Rogers also had a trolley and a magical world in his house."

Top five favorite things from the magazine (Thank you Jorgensen family and Nick Hornby):
1. Wood cutting kit
2. LED name tag
3. The pedestrian sign of course.
4. The peculiar sound module (You'll just have to go to the site for that)
5. A wind up nun that shoots sparks out of her mouth

On another note. I shot a Pot Gut(Pop Gut, Prairie Dog) to put it out of its misery. It was kind of fun, I shot a diet coke can too. I also went fishing and caught nothing. Bah! We ate a lot of food, did a lot of socializing. Castle Dale is just plain fun on the fourth.

Upon arriving home Jess came over and I did little modern dance for everyone out on the lawn with the sparklers and drank limeade out of champagne flutes.

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Anne Adele said...

In the Daily Herald they had a story about the American Science and Surplus store. It was very funny to think that people, including you guys out in Utah, were fascinated with the strangely odd objects found at the American Science and Surplus store. Glad to know that you had such a good time in Castle Dale. Thanks for the wedding CD. Your Aunt Lisa is coming to the midwest. She's going to spend some time with us at the end of July.