Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Death Toll

I haven't seen any bugs since Sunday, until I began looking for my marriage certificate, (which of course is desperately lost).

3 dead earwigs
3 live earwigs(in my bed nonetheless, but probably because Noah's pants were on the floor and then on the bed)
1 very dead Hobo spider(I saved it as as specimen, see below)

As for my marriage certificate, it's nowhere to be found.


The Schauerhamers said...

I"m dealing with the same stuff! I got spoiled living on the third floor. Now I probably see ten spiders a day, thankgoodness they are not hobos! They are stupid little black creepy things that I smash each time I see one. I think I might make Andrew spray around our house. When zack and I were much younger, we were sleeping in my bed and he woke up in the middle of the night screaming at me telling me there was an earwig in my ear, I frantically got out of bed and started hitting the other side of my head to shake the earwig out. As soon as I calmed down enough to look at Zack he had fallen right back to sleep, he had been talking in his sleep the little scummer! oh well :)

La Esposa said...

I'm not even going to lie mija...that's pretty disgusting lol.

Maybe...we should have dinner at my house hehe j/k

Alan and Shelley said...

Are you saying Noah has earwigs in his pants?