Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Intricacies of Wonderful Winter Weather

I'd like to begin by making a pros and cons list of snow.  Let's begin by listing the negatives so as to end on a good note.

1.  Frederick is out of commission again.(see number 7 of "Pros" list)
2.  It's cold.
3.  I fall often and look ridiculous.
4.  I have to ride the bus, which is expensive and takes longer to get to work so I get less sleep.
5.  If I miss it, I have to wait half-an-hour for another one to come.
6.  It's dangerous.
7.  I'm broke.

1.  It's beautiful and while cold is not quite as cold as it normally would be without the cold.  Doesn't make sense really, but it's true.
2.  It provides extra exercise for my legs.
3.  It covers the world in a beautiful white blanket that makes everything quieter.
4.  You can build things in it, like sea turtles, snowmen.
5.  You can fight with it.
6.  No room in the freezer?  Stick things outside to keep them cold. :)
7.  I've made great new friends by bumming rides off of others and off of the UTA bus system.  We have a love hate relationship.
8.  I'm not really as cold because I'm not riding the scooter.
9.  It makes the office very quiet.  Gives me time to think.

On that note I'm exhausted.  Noah leaves at 8 a.m. tomorrow morning for 5 days.  Lame.

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