Monday, May 7, 2012


So I've been on a hiatus since spring break if you hadn't noticed.  I keep meaning to post pictures like:

 We were running, and during a break, Noah used all our wet camping gear to create me a nice little note. :)

 And the following:

 The epic shave.  I miss the beard(a little), but not too much.

And these:

I started painting again.

I've been dealing with a lot of really difficult things, but the good news is, I'm learning new things about myself and there are only 14 days of school left!!!


Esther said...

Um you could totally make money off your paintings. You should sell the lady one to the the Women's foundation or Breast Cancer Awareness foundation (i don't know if those are real organizations, but they probably are). Anyhow, they're really good, I'm glad you are painting again...when are you going to make a life size bronze cast camel for my yard? Did i forget to tell you i wanted one? my bad...but you should get on that.

La Esposa said...

Beck, those paintings are beautiful!!!!

And I miss you. A lot