Monday, April 18, 2011

Oh Spring Break

Spring break is over. This is a very sad day.

In honor of one of the most wonderful weeks of my life here's a list of what I did:

-Slept when I wanted.
-Ate when and what I wanted (which of course included Tucanos, cookies, and lots of ice cream.)
-Cleaned my house when I wanted.
-Watched movies on YouTube when I wanted (which included almost all the new videos on the Mormon Channel and Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration (Yes, it's on YouTube!).)
-Bought what I wanted (A new sweater, $6 pants, a sequined tank, and Tangled.)
-Went to visit Esther when I wanted.
-Went to the gym when I didn't always want, but needed to go anyway because I was doing a whole lot of the second thing on my list.

One thing I did that I didn't want to do was get my cavities filled.

I wish that every week could be a week of whatever I wanted. Oh wait, that's this summer!
Only 5 more Mondays left!!!

I will most certainly miss these guys.

Yay for the first successful camping trip of the year.

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Anne Adele said...

You guys have been camping already? Amazing. Was it cold? Sounds like you enjoyed your spring break. Only five more Mondays. What fun to look forward to.