Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here to Brag

Ok, so I don't normally brag (I know, I really do, but it helps if I pretend that I don't), but I had the most amazing meals this week. Since the start of our union I've begun packing on the pounds because honestly I thought I was getting enough exercise (even though we never actually did) and that I was eating pretty great(which I was, kind of, but I was eating a lot more than I needed). Anyway, back to my meals:

Sunday: Lentil Soup with Ham
Monday: Artichokes with Spicy Rubbed Lean Pork
Tuesday: Sweet Potato Soup with Fresh Green Beans
Wednesday: Pizzeria 712 (sooooo good, but boy does pizza rack up the calories!)
Thursday: Vichyssoise with Roasted Cauliflower

All of the above were either gleaned from the Weight Watchers website or modified from an original recipe. Can you tell that I'm on a soup kick? Saturday is butternut squash soup. (P.S. Speaking of food, yes Stacy we are planning on coming for Thanksgiving and I'd love to contribute something incredibly delicious). Was anyone aware you could have such delicious meals on a low-fat diet? I had no idea and I've done Weight Watchers before!

On another note, the following is why I'm not exercising:

This time, I fell over my own two feet and it yet again got infected. I'm thinking about getting titanium knee caps.


Anne Adele said...

So sorry about your knee. How did you trip over your own two feet? It is good to hear that you are being smart with your eating. I congratulate you and you encourage me.

Stacy said...

Give Liz a call and she will put you in charge of something for Dinner. Sorry about the knee, hopefully it will better by Thanksgiving. Birthday bash for Sara and I on Sat. If you and Noah would like to come.