Monday, February 15, 2010

Shout Out to my 9 Faithful Followers

And so my faithful followers I will lead you through the events of this weekend.

Saturday morning dawned way too early and I went to exercise. I came home to find my husband cleaning. I'm sure that the spirit of the holiday motivated him in this act.

The afternoon was spent gallivanting around town. This included a trip to Costco where Noah bought me roses. I watched him do it. He tried to hide them, but found it unsuccessful seeing as I was the one swiping the debit card. I still give him kudos for actually buying the roses, they smell fantastic. Our evening was concluded by the following:

We attempted to go to Macaroni Grill at first where we had reservations. Unfortunately, somehow they misplaced our reservation. We're all still very puzzled as to how this happened. Luckily, one of our party used to work at The Old Spaghetti Factory and according to him, "It's always dead." We ended up going there. It was awesome!

The night ended with a fabulous stake dance.

And thus, Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.


Amanda said...

Look at you two all spified up! Glad you had a great V-day too. (By the way, Kourt seriously askes on a weekly basis when Nova and Becky are going to visit her again. You have some serious fans down south!)

Anne Adele said...

I am so liking the moustaches. Very Hercule Poirot. Maybe I can send you a little silver comb for them.