Monday, June 22, 2009

A Brief Recap

Our journey begins when Noah and I GET MARRIED! (Finally)

Noah and I took a road trip from MD to Chicago. Here is Noah trying to fly handmade kites in the air vent.
Geneva Squeezeway.
I cut my hair. Thank heavens.
We bought a new kitchen table. No more boxes! Thank you Ikea!
Noah has begun trying to help me exercise more. So we parked right here at Wal-Mart.
The Echo has turned into a battleground for the army men. Please notice Chancho, our mascot, and miniature pig..
We started selling stuff at the Farmer's Market.
We went to go visit Noah's mom in Castle Dale, Utah and saw REAL pictographs done by Native Americans.
No, that's not wind my friends making her hair stand on end. That's static electricity. We got in the car immediately after this picture.

1 month of marriage survived.


Naomi said...

Love your hair! And Love the furniture!

McKenzie said...

Congratulations Becky! And Noah is from Castle Dale... no way? I've totally been there. Ask him if he knows Blake Merrel and his family...

La Esposa said...

Has it really been one month already?! That's so crazy!!

LOVED the post Beck.

Your hair looks SOO GOOD!! Do you just love it? I do! =)

And the Ikea furniture just made me so happy...

p.s. Noah looks great with a ring on his finger =)

Josh and Laura said...

I love your hair! But I'm not okay with the lack of wedding pictures! You've got to post some more pictures of the big day!!!

Megan said...

Love the hiar!! So cute!! I love the table too! Ikea is the BOMB!!

Happy 1 month!