Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yesterday began well enough.

Around 8 a.m. on my way out to the car my bowl of cereal collided with the car.  No damage to either thankfully.  So I head into work with the remainder of my cereal in my lap.  Next thing I know the cereal is all over my lap and I decide walking into a middle school looking like I'd wet my pants was not a good idea, besides the fact that it was uncomfortable.

So I go to grab my phone to call my boss and I discover that my phone fell with the cereal, but didn't get caught.  I drove the next five minutes home sopping wet and imagining the small pieces my phone would be in from the weight of the car.

Luckily, I find my phone where it fell in the road in perfect working order.  So I call my boss, lock the door and close it.  Unfortunately the car was still running.

So I hang up with my boss and call Noah and spend the next 5-10 minutes soaked, leaning against my still running car.

Thank goodness for Noah.   He's my hero.

You'd think it would end there.  Nope.  I go to get my recommend signed because he forgot to sign somewhere and realize my parents names are wrong so I spend the next hour waiting to fill out a new one.  Sigh.  I'm getting married one way or another.

Lessons Learned:
1. Always have keys in hand before exiting running vehicles.
2. Don't eat cereal on the way to work.


La Esposa said...

You little cutie patootie. I am sorry for your day. But I'm glad you have Super Noah to rescue from now on =).

Pearlie Meg said...

HA!I was RIGHT! I was RIGHT! I was RIGHT! And what was I right about? Telling you NOT to eat cereal in the car! I feel SO justified in my nagging now.

Naomi said...

I hate days like that! Too bad they are almost everyday for me...argh!

McKenzie said...

Yeah! Getting married on May 23rd! The most wonderful day of the year! Enjoy!